The CACSCB website finally got updated!!!

All of the officer information, contact information, upcoming events, and opportunities are now current!!! 

If you would like to be involved in our events and get to know us the most important thing to do is sign up to be on the CACSCB list serv. The list serv is sent out via email once a week and contains our events, other volunteer opportunities, available jobs and internships, and other cool stuff related to conservation. Please email our secretary Spenser at to begin receiving our emails.

CACSCB also got a Facebook page!!! Please join our page HERE as that is where we are going to be requiring RSVPs for all of our events. We will be posting event pictures and generally neat things on there as well.

To be an official member of CACSCB it costs $10, which also buys you a shirt if you would like one. However, you do not have to be a member to participate in any of our events, it’s just extra! ALSO it only costs $20 to become an ~official member of The Society for Conservation Biology~ if you are a student! You can become a member through their website HERE