Executive Board

Meet our Fall 2018 Executive Officers


PRESIDENT — Corinne Johnson 

Email: cejohn46@asu.edu

Corinne (CJ) is a sophomore here at ASU pursuing a double major in Conservation Biology and Ecology and Sustainability with a focus in Ecosystems. As the previous secretary, Corinne could not be more excited to take on her new role as president! In addition to president of ACCSCB, Corinne is a member of Devils’ Advocates (so maybe she’ll give you a tour one day). Outside of school, she loves hiking, camping, and just being outside in general. She loves to travel and this past summer, studied abroad in South Africa for sustainability. She can’t wait to see what this new year hold for the new CACSCB!



Email: janie.reavis@asu.edu

Janie is a third year (maybe graduating this year, maybe not?) student studying Conservation Biology and Ecology at ASU. She also has a minor in Spanish and is working on a GIS ceritficate. Janie studied abroad in Costa Rica for the past six months with a tropical conservation program and then worked on a sea turtle nesting beach as a midwife for Olive Ridley sea turtles. She has worked in various labs at ASU, but currently works with Dr. Jesse Senko on a review regarding plastic pollution in marine megafauna. She is likely to join his team as a graduate student next year to work on sea turtle conservation solutions in relation to fisheries. Things to know about Janie: she is obsessed with her dogs and will show a million pictures of them to anyone who will stand still long enough to look. She is TERRIFIED of snakes, but did work in Dr. DeNardo’s snake lab for a whole semester. She also love kayaking and hiking (with aforementioned dogs).


Sabrina pic

SECRETARY — Sabrina Woo

Email: sywoo@asu.edu

Sabrina is a sophomore honors student  studying Conservation Biology and Ecology. She joined CACSCB her freshman year and loves the club for all the opportunities it has offered her. Sabrina has done brief stints in Defend Our Future (a political conservation organization) and Environmental Young Professionals of Arizona (YP EPAZ). Currently she is working in the Macrosystems Ecology Lab at ASU doing research on desert plants at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Sabrina hopes to continue involvement in conservation on/off campus and for a fantastic year in CACSCB!

David pic

TREASURER — David Liddle

Email: dmliddle@asu.edu

David is a Sophomore at Arizona State University studying Conservation Biology and Ecology with a minor in math. David enjoys hiking, traveling, and anything to do with the outdoors. This is David’s first year serving on the CACSCB E-board and he hopes to use the opportunity to get more involved in different conservation opportunities. David is interested in studying large mammals, and how we can protect them in an increasingly urban environment

Sophia pic

PUBLIC RELATIONS — Sophia Martinez 

Email: smmart42@asu.edu

Sophia is a senior at ASU pursuing a major in Conservation Biology and a minor in Sustainability. Going on four years, Sophia has worked for ASU’s Writing Program as a student office assistant. This semester she started volunteering with the Conservation Innovation Lab and interning with the School of Sustainability Ecology Explorers. Sophia loves travelling and studied abroad last semester in Panama with the School for Field Studies. She also spent the past summer working with the University of Notre Dame’s Environmental Research Center in Montana. Sophia is passionate about marine conservation and in the future hopes to begin a career in the field. Her love for the ocean encouraged her to get PADI Scuba certification, so you ever need a diving buddy let her know! Most importantly, Sophia is excited to represent CACSCB’s PR Director and develop her leadership skills.

“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac