Executive Officers

Meet Our Team

President – Jessica Givens

Email: jlgivens@asu.edu

Jessica Givens is a Conservation Biology & Ecology senior in the life sciences. She is a Fellow in the School of Life Sciences Undergraduate Research program examining how hummingbird traits co-vary in an urban environment. As an aspiring community organizer in the environmental movement, she is guided everyday by her mantra: to protect the future of our planet and those who live on it. She hopes to inspire and empower undergraduates to do the same through hands-on events such as fieldwork and research opportunities. Jessica enjoys camping, eating Mediterranean food, watching nature documentaries, and looking at pictures of corgis.

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Vice President – Kylee Farrington

Email: kafarrin@asu.edu

Kylee is a Barrett sophomore from Flagstaff, Arizona studying Conservation Biology and Human Communication. Passionate about the relationship between humans and their environment, Kylee aims to work with the public to transform their interaction with their environment and foster more responsible management of resources. Kylee’s approach to conservation is humanitarian, as she believes that we cannot combat environmental degradation unless we attend to causes related to human and social degradation as well.  Kylee hopes to incorporate her passion for public speaking and photography into her environmental advocacy. Some fun facts about Kylee are that she loves documentaries and scientific names of flowers, she keeps an elk bugle in her apartment, and her preferred superpower would be fluency in all languages.


Treasurer – Katie Ebertz

Email: kebertz@asu.edu

Katie Ebertz is currently a sophomore here at ASU studying Biological Science and is the Treasurer of CACSCB. She is involved in the Panhellenic community, and works closely with a research lab on campus which fuels her love for learning and discovering new topics in the realm of animal behavior. Always happy to talk anyone she is passionate about achieving a career in conservation after college; perhaps in Grad school, AZ Game and Fish, or the Phoenix Zoo.


Publicity Officer – Christina Madonia 

Email: cmadonia21@gmail.com

Christina is a senior majoring in Conservation Biology and CACSCB’s 2016 Publicity Officer. She is preparing to attend graduate school next year to focus on marine biology. Her passion for conservation stemmed from her fascination with marine life that has grown into a love for all of nature. During her time as a Sundevil, Christina has volunteered for a wildlife rehab center, taken part in lab research, and interned at Arizona Game & Fish. She is a foodie who loves trying new things and traveling as much as possible. Her goals are to reconnect humans to nature starting with ASU students, with hopes to inspire others to recognize, respect, and to take action in caring for the living world around them.



“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac