Executive Board

Meet our Spring 2018 Executive Officers


PRESIDENT — Kinley Ragan

Email: karagan@asu.edu

Kinley is a junior studying Conservation Biology and Ecology! She loves being outdoors, learning about cool animals, and nerding out about conservation. Kinley also loves traveling around the world, exploring new cultures, and finding beautiful scenery. Academically, she is interested in studying community ecology and its integration with human-wildlife conflict management and perception. She has worked in the Schipper Lab at the Phoenix Zoo for two years now and could talk about camera trapping (and how cool it is) all day, any day. Kinley is really excited for what this year holds for CACSCB and its members and is excited to get in the field with friends!

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VICE PRESIDENT — Heather Coates

Email: hmcoates@asu.edu

Heather is a Junior at Arizona State University and is pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in Conservation Biology and Ecology. She first joined CACSCB in the Fall of 2017 and spent that time as a very active member. She could not be more excited to serve on the executive board for Spring of 2018. Heather is currently working in Dr. McGraw’s lab as a Research Assistant, helping with Researcher Allyson Shaw’s work on the water-borne transmission of Coccidia in House Finches. For the Spring of 2018, she will also be a Research Assistant for the Arizona Center For Nature Conservation (Phoenix Zoo). She is incredibly excited for all that this semester has to offer and looks forward to reaching out to others and expanding the CACSCB community


SECRETARY — Corinne Johnson (CJ)

Email: cejohn46@asu.edu

Corinne is a freshman at ASU currently majoring in Sustainability. She hopes to add a double major in conservation biology and ecology at the end of freshman year. This is Corinne’s first year in CACSCB and she could not be more excited to have a role in the organization! She hopes to be able to get more involved in the biology community on Arizona State’s campus through CACSCB and through her classes. She hopes to eventually be able to study marine biology, specifically the effect ocean pollution has on marine life.

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TREASURER — Katie Ebertz

Email: kebertz@asu.edu

Katie is a Junior at Arizona State, studying Biological Science with a concentration in Neurology, Physiology, and Behavior. And this year, she recently took on a minor to pursue a higher education in an area where she is immensely passionate in, Sustainability. Katie has been an active member of CACSCB since freshman year and has served happily on the executive board for the past three semesters. She is currently a SOLUR Researcher working in Dr. McGraw’s lab studying sleep behavior as it correlates with sexually selective plumage coloration. She is currently pursuing a career in Environmental Policy and will be jumpstarting her journey at Arizona Department for Environmental Quality as the SpringPollution Prevention Intern! She is extremely excited for the year to come, with hopes to continuing to growing in the scientific community, and becoming a greater force for good in helping the environment in every aspect.


Email: asewell1@asu.edu

Abbey is a junior at Arizona State University majoring in Applied Biological Sciences in the hopes of pursuing a career in veterinary medicine in the near future. This upcoming semester Abbey will continue her current work in Undergraduate Research in the DeNardo lab; whose main focus is reptile physiology. She also will be taking on a new role as a Research Support Aide in another lab on campus. Abbey is excited to serve on the executive board for a second semester and can’t wait to expand the club! She plans to dedicate her time in the club to raising awareness of the issues surrounding conservation and the impacts it will have on others.


“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac