Executive Officers


President Kinley Ragan

Email: karagan@asu.edu


Kinley is a Conservation Biology & Ecology major who is intrigued by the natural world and how it functions. She is interested in habitat corridor management and mitigating human-wildlife conflicts both domestically and internationally. Kinley loves hiking, reading, bird watching, tracking, and all animals. She works at the Phoenix Zoo and at SEA life Aquarium, both where you can find her learning as much as she can about Earth and its many inhabitants. Kinley also loves travelling and has been to Nicaragua and South Africa.

Secretary – Janie Reavis

Email: jreavis3@asu.edu

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Janie is a Conservation Biology and Ecology major going into her second year at ASU. She is also minoring in Spanish. She loves learning more and more about the natural world because each new discipline of natural science seems increasingly exciting and full of potential. She enjoys bird watching, camping, hiking, horseback riding, and exploring new places. She currently works with Dr. Tuul Sepp in the McGraw lab studying coloration and effects of urbanization on house finches. She is especially interested in how urbanization affects wildlife and what we can do to promote biodiversity in an increasingly urban world. This past summer Janie worked in West Virginia selling educational materials to families. While this was not directly related to conservation, she chose this internship to make money to study abroad in Costa Rica. She will stay an entire semester to study Tropical Ecology, create and carry out an independent research project, and travel around Central America. She loves sharing her passion for conservation biology and hearing the experiences and insights of others. She is most excited to help people see how awesome nature is and how many fun ways there are to explore it.

Treasurer – Katie Ebertz

Email: kebertz@asu.edu


Katie Ebertz is currently a Junior here at ASU studying Biological Science and is the Treasurer of CACSCB. She is involved in the Panhellenic community, and works closely with a research lab on campus which fuels her love for learning and discovering new topics in the realm of animal behavior. Katie is a Researcher for SOLUR Program working in an animal behavior and physiology lab. She recently worked at the Saint Louis Zoo as an educator this summer. Katie is always happy to talk anyone that is passionate or is interested in achieving a career in conservation after college so feel free to reach put by email; perhaps in Grad school, AZ Game and Fish, or the Phoenix Zoo.

Publicity Officer – Abbey Sewell

Email: asewell1@asu.edu

IMG_0909.JPG.jpegAbbey is a junior majoring in Applied Biological Sciences in the hopes of becoming a veterinarian. She is especially interested in travelling to other countries to do community service work as well as veterinary medicine. Over the summer Abbey pursued this by participating in an internship offered by ASU in which she travelled to Nicaragua to provide veterinary care to animals whose owners could not afford it. Abbey is involved in the Panhellenic community and the Pre-Vet Club. She will also be working in a physiology research lab throughout the semester.


“We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac